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How to combine your rings

There are no established rules on how to combine your rings , but there are tricks to add to your choice of clothing giving the special final touch you are looking for. In this post we reveal the latest trends in mixes and styles .

stacking rings

Vermeil Silver Ring with Green Agate- Pumpkin

Combination pumpkin rings

Or what is the same: stack rings. Choose simple rings and place them all on the same finger. If you want to achieve the “perfect pairing”, choose rings with colored stones . This way you combine them with the colors of your "outfit" perfectly, just add or remove the colors as they match you. The ones in the photo above are our stacked "Pumpkin" model in different colors of both stone and metal. What look good with jeans?

The design of the rings you decide to stack will determine the resulting look. It can be achieved from a light and youthful look with a hippy air to a sophisticated effect such as the emerald rings in the image.

double hoop rings

Many firms have joined this trend and include them in their jewelry collections. In case you doubt it, they are perfectly comfortable, so get one to be absolutely the last.

In our Flow Collection there are three different models in three color options each!

Fill your fingers and mix

The latest street style trend: almost anything goes. If you love rings, don't be shy, choose them in different shapes, colors and sizes. A piece of advice, try putting them in different phalanxes for a boho touch.

Once again, observe how rings made of different materials, colors and designs achieve effects that range from a timid and light look to another shocking and transgressive one .

Alternative Finger Rings

Wearing a ring on an unusual finger is another way to set yourself apart.

A single ring on the index finger reveals style and personality. On the thumb it indicates your rebellious side and on the little finger it is feminine and elegant. We have seen them at awards ceremonies and many “trend setters”.

These are not all the possibilities, but they are the most current ones on how to combine rings. I'm sure you'll take advantage of it as a style guide.

The rings you won't want to take off

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