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XL jewelry: The new trend for winter

As we have seen on the catwalks in London, Milan, Paris and more recently Shanghai, it seems that the new jewelry trends are back to maximalism.

After the success of on-screen jewels (the favorites for teleworking) that characterized this spring-summer, the trends for the new 2021-2022 season definitely put discretion aside to return to the charge with volumes, maxi measurements and opposition of pieces, shapes and colors. As usual we bring you our proposals to always be aware of the new stylistic trends with the arrival of the cold season.

prominence to the rings

After the triumph of “face-framing jewelry” that we see in this era of telecommuting and Zoom Boom, as normality returns, rings return to their due prominence. However, we are no longer talking about simple and minimalist pieces, the new season brings with it a wave of colored stones and spectacular combinations of volumes. This winter dare to wear large rings or combine rings with different designs and you will see how your look is enhanced in a few steps.

The return of the maxi necklaces

This will clearly be the season for big jewels, however, the choker format has not been seen for a long time. From Schiapparelli to Saint Laurent , maxi necklaces have been the big stars of these catwalks, whether in choker or cascading format, it is clear that minimalist jewelry is not in fashion this fall winter. Your neck must attract attention and what better way to do it than with our necklaces from the labyrinth and boho flower collections.

extra stones

The accessories for 2021-2022 promise theatricality and where we can best find this quality is in the maxi stones of our jewels. From rings to pendants, the jewelery for this autumn-winter is presented as anything but sober. No matter its smooth or faceted finish, the important thing for this season is that the stones mix, match and above all stand out!

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