Pendientes de bolitas de colores - Victoria de la Calva

Colorful sphere earrings

The Calabaza Mix & Match “ear jacket” colored stone ball earrings are the latest novelty from the Spanish jewelry brand Victoria de la Calva. Add and add stones around the lobe. Ideal for decorating your ears with touches of color this winter. Know all its variations and possibilities.

“Ear jacket” earrings with Pumpkin Mix & Match colored beads.

Can you imagine being able to wear stones of different colors in your ears? Two sizes? two in one? and four in another?

The Mix & Match Pumpkin Earrings Collection son Vermeil Silver earrings covered in 18-karat gold with natural stones of different colors in the shape of a faceted sphere.

The ball earrings have become fashionable and even more so if they are “ear jackets” but, above all, what is original andAuthentic is that you can customize the colors of the stones, combine them easily, like you change your belt or jacket or perhaps your tie.

“Ear jacket” earrings with colored balls

These earrings are not your usual ones. Have you heard of “ear jackets”? They are the latest trend in jewelry and they are the best! This earring design is made up of two parts: an upper part that is placed in the usual way using a toothpick that is inserted into your holes and closed with pressure; and a bottom part or “jacket”, which is placed on the earlobe from the back, passing the toothpick of the main piece through the washers of the ball-shaped stones that you can add. The result? The colored natural stone balls surround your lobe, achieving a truly original effect, as if they were floating framing your ears. To make them unique, add more “jackets” of stone balls in the colors and sizes that you like the most.

How to add “jackets” to your natural stone earrings

  1. First put the earring on your lobe in the conventional way. Don't put pressure on the closure yet.
  2. The “ear jacket” balls have two washers so you can adjust the height of your second ball. Insert the main ball stick into one of the two washers behind the lobe. And add up to four new “jackets” of balls
  3. Once you have passed all the beads that you want to add to your earring through the toothpick, use the pressure closure.
  4. Once your earring is closed, distribute the faceted stone balls as you wish around the lobe.

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