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Rings that match everything

How many times have we asked ourselves how to combine rings with the clothes we wear every day? How to choose them and get them right without spending too much time? Discover in this post rings that combine with everything.

How to combine your rings and your clothes?

When it comes to selecting jewelry and rings to wear daily, casually and that do not overload our look, but rather enhance it, selecting rings that combine with everything is a formula that always works. But what are they?

Our proposal for this fall and winter, where floral, geometric and animal prints continue to be a trend that we love, is the selection of Vermeil silver rings covered with gold of rounded lines, silent reasons and engravings that you can wear regardless of the day, time or color you have chosen that day.

Rings that match your entire wardrobe

The fretwork openwork rings, engraved with exotic motifs and rings with rounded lines combined with smooth surfaces in the shape of a ring with suggestive (and striking) volume are wardrobe jewels that, in addition to wearing one at a time, you can combine with rings with colored stones , if that day you have opted for a more sober look or with more muted colors.

Rings with elegant stones and discreet colors

Another option that we suggest if you want to give light to your hands, but you need to have it on hand. rings with colored natural stones that you can put on without thinking, almost with your eyes closed, are the rings of the Mystic Eye Collection with Teja Agate and Honey Agate; and the rings of the Pumpkin Collection with natural stones such as Citrine, Marbled Citrine, Marbled Quartz, Tiger's Eye and Carnelian. Colors that you don't need to imagine how they will look combined with all your dresses, shirts, pants and coats. They will be perfect.

Our selection of rings 

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