Como combinar pendientes - Victoria de la Calva

How to mix and match earrings

To combine earrings is much easier than it seems. Our infallible formulas? Smooth Creole earrings with climbing earrings with natural stones, or with ear jackets. 

Natural stones always look good: Whether you use neutral or bolder colors or prints, there is always a perfect stone that matches your daily or evening look.

"Mix plain earrings with colored stone earrings"


Our proposal of earrings with natural stones is unique, at Victoria de la Calva Joyas you will find original designs, different sizes and colors to build volumes. 

Its climbing earrings by PLata Vermeila Flow Collection they go up by the lobe adorning your entire ear. The stones are octagonal cut and you can buy them individually. Sky blue Topazes, lime green Peridots and fuchsia Rhodolite Garnets. All natural stones!

Its Ear Jacket Earrings soAnother great option for creating combinations if you don't have multiple ear holes. Explore our earrings Pumpkin Collection with more than 10 colors of stones ;)

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