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Jewelry for guests

Know how to choose which jewelry to wear whenor are you invited to a wedding, O You have to go to an event or a party, it's not always easy. We are often assailed by the question of whether or not jewelry should stand out and take center stage in our look or should be considered another complement, which accompanies without overshadowing the clothes we are wearing. Our answer is simple, it all depends on the clothes you have chosen and how daring you are, although as general advice and we hope it helps you decide, jewelry is not just another accessory, it is the great accessory, the detail that highlights the clothes you wear what are you wearing. Therefore, when choosing them, choose the jewelry not only so that it fulfills a purely decorative function, but so that it stands out and illuminates, enhances your fabulous mood and you can secretly admire,

Tips when choosing your guest jewelry

As experts and lovers of these small and sometimes not so small accessories, we want to offer you some quick recommendations when selecting your jewelry.

Don't leave it until the last minute. We know that you have chosen the model with enough time, that is why we encourage you to select your jewelry with the same interest and care.

How many times have you left it until the last minute and just put on something and left the house knowing that your look was not complete? Well-chosen jewelry completes your outfit as if they themselves had told you, "choose me." Give them time. And if you are not sure, at Victoria de la Calva, tell us what you plan to wear and we will advise you: Don't miss that small pleasure of feeling perfect.

Don't load up on jewelry and combine them in a meditated way. When going to a wedding or event, it is preferable to combine a maximum of two types of jewelry. A bracelet with a ring, a pendant with a ring and earrings with a ring.

Don't overload yourself with rings. If you choose to wear rings, we advise you to wear only one. At other times, we are lovers of combine rings in a same hand, but in celebrations and events we recommend you choose an original and elegant ring that fits with the fabric of your clothes, the chosen tones and the prints.


Jewelry recommendations according to your clothes

If in your guest look you wear pants, overalls or jumpsuits with short sleeves or straps, our guest jewel is sin doubt one bracelet . 

If you do not want to overload the neck or décolleté area, the best option will be to opt for some earrings . When matching with most types of garments, it is advisable to pay attention to their print: if you choose a single color or soft and sober tones, you can highlight the appearance with a more special design earring. The open neckline with hair up and earrings are the perfect combination to stylize and enhance your figure. Besides  If your look has prints, opt for plain, but original and elegant earrings. A perfect example for this type of look are our night labyrinth earrings. 

Pendants or necklaces are a perfect complement to highlight both the face and the neckline of the wearer, however they are a little more complicated to combine: depending on the dimensions of the neckline of our dress or blouse, it will be better to opt for one or the other option. . Those that offer the most freedom of choice are those with wider cutouts (V, heart and strapless necklines), here both tighter and pendant chokers can look good. These types of garments also give the opportunity to combine various levels of jewelry, perfect for these looks is the necklace boho two double silver vermeil flowers by Victoria de la Calva. 

However, if we prefer to wear a shallower neckline (shirt or round), the most common thing is to opt for shorter necklaces or chokers. In this case it will be possible to enhance the look by choosing more original colors and shapes that create contrasts.

If the fabrics of your garments are airy or have natural drapes, use a good ring with natural stones thate shine, provide light and a spark of daring. 

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