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Eva Ivars, “the change begins with us”

One Christmas a couple came to my studio, both young and very energetic. We were struck by the care with which he helped her try on the jewelry. They were Eva and her husband.

Eva Ivars is General Director of the Alain Afflelou Group in Spain. She created the Alain Afflelou Foundation in Spain of which she is secretary, and is a Counselor of the Franco-Spanish Chamber of Commerce. She is known for her talent in strategic company development. And at the end of the day, a woman, close, spontaneous and full of energy who posed delighted with my designs. She knows her better from her own words.

What are you passionate about in life and work?

Since I was little I have loved communicating with people, and as the years have passed I have perfected that relationship skill and now I am one of those who looks for the positive side of people to inspire me. I have always been fascinated by listening to others speak because I firmly believe that communication is capable of transforming the world around us.

Furthermore, I am extremely curious, and my passion is not only communication but also discovering, learning to be able to create by believing in myself. I love challenges, and to do so I seek to think with my head, but also with my heart, and definitely promote those challenges and carry out the ideas. I also consider myself a fighter and I love to overcome the obstacles that life throws at us, and to achieve this I try to live with passion, energy and strength.

What gets me up every morning is that I have an interesting job with interesting people, something new to learn, and a family to love.

In what way would you like to serve as an inspiration to other women?

I would love to be able to convey that the power is in us, in ourselves, and if we become aware of our role as women, we will be able to contribute to a more just society through different actions.

Despite coming from a humble working-class family, I have managed to go quite far in my professional career, because I have been able to focus more on the possibilities than on the obstacles that I have found in my path, always looking to the future. In order for other women to grow to the extent they want, we must begin by understanding our own role and our power as part of the society in which we live.

The change begins with us and we have to start claiming it for our closest environment. Our actions and our attitudes count, but the education of the little ones is the key so that, finally one day, this demand will no longer be necessary.

Which jewlry piece from Victory of the Calva is your favorite?

The truth is that each of Victoria's jewels and collections has a role and for me one does not replace another, but rather has its own place. But if I have to choose and stay with one, I choose some amethyst earrings from the Flow Round collection.

I always wear earrings and these earrings on the one hand have a unique personality and on the other are adaptable, both in color and in the design that is flexible and variable, I can wear them with more or less sophistication depending on the day and the situation, and They always attract attention. I can't fail to mention an amethyst ring, I fell in love with it since I saw it, and everyone who sees it worn falls in love with it.

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