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María de la Puerta, heart and elegance

María de la Puerta occupies a solid place in the world of communication. For Victoria de la Calva Joyas, it is a huge satisfaction to see how she wears her jewelry, which reflects and transmits, among other things, her qualities, heart and elegance.

I usually start interviews with my #womenwhoinspire by writing a few introductory lines, however, on this occasion, I literally transcribe what María sent me when I asked her for a few insights into her career... because even for that she is an authentic and humble woman.

“I started working at the Sarpe publishing house at the age of 20 where I worked my way up from the bottom, general reception, management secretary. In addition, I combined my day job with internships in the afternoons in the fashion warehouse of the group's magazines, learning more every day, proving how much I liked this world that I was completely unaware of. As in “The Devil Wears Prada”, my career was developed based on a lot of effort, giving up many other things and dedicating myself body and soul to becoming someone in the sector.

Throughout my career I have gone through all positions; assistant, stylist, editor, fashion director... I have worked in almost all magazines, fashion brands, television networks and in the world of cinema.

At the same time, I set up my first agency COOL productions to represent professionals in the sector: photographers, makeup artists, stylists...

Later, I went one step further and dedicated myself to the world of communication and the showroom. I partnered with another professional and we created the communication agency Sexto Sentido. From the beginning, we were collaborators of the communication agency Globally and finally partnered with them in 2007.”

Currently María de la Puerta is vice president of the Globally agency. It is wonderful to see her wearing my designs, wearing her jewelry, because it brings together, among other qualities, two of those that I value most and therefore I want my designs to reflect: heart and elegance, in the visible and the invisible...

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What are you passionate about in life and work?

“The truth is that I quickly become passionate in general, both in my personal life and at work.

I love the creative part, being part of the creation of something new where I can contribute ideas and concepts and see how they take shape. 

I like to organize in general, events, parties, dinners, projects, trips, productions...

I am passionate about cooking, photography, decoration, flowers, dogs, the sea, a walk in the mountains, a quiet breakfast, a good book, a chat with wine and friends, a romantic dinner with my boyfriend, a weekend in any small town, the smell, flavor and colors of the land, Galicia, my family…. 


In what way would you like to serve as an inspiration to other women?

I would like to inspire women from my experiences and help with my example. Transmit positivity and the importance of a good attitude, we must try to be active so as not to get carried away by laziness and apathy.

It is important to love yourself well and have confidence, the will to do things, undertake, constantly grow and have the desire to learn.

Give thanks for how lucky we are, trying not to be victimists and fight, take baby steps when it costs and have a lot of faith!!

Which jewel from Victoria de la Calva is your favorite?

All. In each of Victoria de la Calva's jewels there is something special that she enhances and makes you feel better, more beautiful, special, attractive and unique. Is a different spanish jewelry tenIt is a unique and above all original and very personal design, I couldn't keep just one piece, I would keep them ALL.

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