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Victoria de la Calva Joyas is inspired by you

Victoria de la Calva Jewelry is a Spanish jewelry brand of limited and artisanal production in which I project and pour all my creative essence; and in whose center is the woman. Design for real, current and unique women.

As these are my own and personal designs, whose production is done by hand in an artisanal way, I limit production to a few units. I want the women who wear my jewelry to feel unique and special.

I conceive jewelry to underline or highlight the character and personality of the wearer. They are not just another accessory, but rather they enhance everything else you are wearing. My goal is for my jewelry to provide value and luminosity from the moment you wear it.

In a world that in many aspects tends to globalize, objects and jewelry personalize, they identify with the soul and character of each individual, that is why when designing, my fundamental axis is the feminine qualities that, in different Doses and combinations are ultimately what makes us unique.

My brand offers different lines of jewelry that respond to the different vital moments and archetypes of women.

Limited Editions of Silver Vermeil Jewelry


Our Silver Vermeil jewelry and collection They are pieces of 925 thousandths silver covered with 3 microns of 18-karat gold, manufactured in a few units and by hand by expert craftsmen.

Silver Vermeil jewelry is designed to be used in our daily lives, as part of our daily image, both at work and in our personal life.

The designs of Victoria de la Calva Joyas are not bland or repetitive of the possible passing fashions of each moment, quite the contrary, they are always small objects full of character that awaken and attract attention.

My designs integrate timeless elements from different expressions of art and cultures that I combine with current aesthetics. They are jewels that are not based on fashion and that is why they remain current. The hallmark of the brand is the volume, the color of the stones, and the suggestive lines.

Openwork Wide Yellow Vermeil Bracelet- Labyrinth 
Vermeil open ring with Peridots- Flow


Unique Gold Jewelry Capsule Collections


The Unique Gold Jewelry Collections They are available for purchase online, although they are hyper limited edition.

The concept of these small collections is very different from that of the Vermeil Collections. In this case, these are authentic personal talismans, jewelry that we receive or buy at times that are out of the ordinary, and that therefore deserve to be unique.

These jewels are made with 18-karat gold and natural precious and semi-precious stones, and their unique character is absolute. Only one model per version is manufactured, only you have yours. This is the concept of authentic luxury, linked to the attribute of a unique jewel: that no one else has a jewel equal to yours. They are designs full of fantasy and creativity.

Rose gold ring and Amethysts- Orbits 

Custom ring with black diamonds and central diamond 

Custom made jewelry design


This is the most personal line of jewelry, where à la carte design comes to life and the unique design attribute has its maximum expression. In the process of creating each new piece of jewelry, I am inspired by the dreams, desires, stories and personality of my clients, turning each piece of jewelry into a small emotional legacy.

In the process, client and designer work hand in hand, an experience to remember. After all, if we decide to make something unique and special for ourselves or to give as a gift, something that will always remind us of that moment, the creative process has to be just as special and personal.

In addition to designing jewelry from scratch, I attach great importance to reusing and recycling old or unused jewelry. To do this, we offer our clients the possibility of bringing or sending us their jewelry or stones that they do not use and creating a new piece of jewelry with them.

Our mission is to offer you quality pieces that last over time and transmit your strength and personality.

jewelry that combines and goes with you, turning any occasion into a great moment.

Do you dare to show them off?


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