Colección Sanbimba - Victoria de la Calva

Sanbimba Collection

The SanBimba Collection of initial pendants was born from the collaboration of two creative minds: advertising art director Sandra Silva (whose stage name, SanBimba, gives its name to the collection), and jewelry designer Victoria de la Calva. Here they will tell you about the creative process behind this new collection!


How was this collection born? 

"Sandra and I have been friends for years," Victoria tells us. "Although we both work in creative fields, the idea of ​​a collaboration had never arisen. This project began almost by chance: one day, while looking at the news on my Instagram, I noticed a post by Sandra, it was one of the letters. I entered on their feed and I found the entire alphabet. It was love at first sight! I was shocked by those fonts full of curves and movement. So feminine, with so many colors and elements that conveyed a fantasy universe.

I immediately had the vision: "I have to turn these letters into jewelry!" I called Sandra and we met for lunch. She was excited about the idea and I got to work! This is how the SanBimba Initial Pendant Collection was born. I put a lot of effort into faithfully translating the morphology of each letter into three dimensions. Most are made in a single stroke, with tubular volumes that follow the entire route, that is, the parts that rest on the chest are not flat, so each initial is a small sculpture full of movement."

Sandra, where does the inspiration come from to create your fantastic lyrics? 

In search of fantasy through letters.
With this exercise through imagination, I have tried to mold reality (the letters) and turn them into fantasy, remembering that world of dreams, of imagination, of the best moments when you were a child, where anything can be, anything can happen. This alphabet is found in a world of loose strokes, fun shapes and striking colors, which make the protagonist letters of this collection of pendants add a note of imagination, a nod to a dream world full of magic and energy. 

I wanted each of the letters to be unique and unrepeatable, although all of them within the same framework, fantasy and imagination, which make them belong to the collection.

Talking about the jewelry

The initials come in two sizes, the large ones are 4 cm long and the small ones are 2 cm long. They are made of solid silver and are available in both yellow gold Vermeil finish and smooth silver. The collection also consists of 2 chain models, both with balls. The long chain is thicker and has 3 faceted spheres of natural stones in pastel tones, evoking the color of SanBimba illustrations. The short chain has silver balls and enameled balls in pastel colors. The large initials look good with a long chain (62 cm) or with 2 short ones together (adjustable from 40 to 45 cm). Both chain models exist in a silver version and a yellow gold Vermeil version.
Each pendant is delivered in a case with a multicolored bow and includes a card printed with the illustration of the initial  corresponding 14x14 cm. It is a beauty that can also be framed. All these details make this a very special collection and each pendant a jewel that is a piece of art.
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