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Rose gold jewelry, do you give it to yourself?

Rose gold jewelry has an elegant and original finish that matches all skin types and can be worn in all seasons. We share with you gift ideas for women this Christmas. And we tell you what rose gold is. A jewel is the great detail, more than a gift, it is an expression of affection that is never forgotten. Enjoy!! of our installment payment.

Rose gold jewelry, what is rose gold?

Our Silver Vermeil jewelry with rose gold finishThey are 925 thousandths Silver Jewelry covered with a 3 micron layer of 18 gold. carats or 750 thousandths. The pink color of this elegant finish is due to a higher proportion of copper in the gold alloy. Rose gold is made up of 75% pure gold, 20% copper and 5% silver, but retains the same value as the yellow gold finish.

Rose gold-colored jewelry is perfect if you want to feel original and show off a slightly vintage finish, with a certain aged effect. Ideal to wear during the day, but in moments of privacy and in low light, they show off their beautiful colors.

You dare?

In alls the Victoria de la Calva Jewelry Collections all pieces have versions with a rose gold finish so you can choose the finish that you like the most and best combines with your tastes and your clothes.

If there is a gold finish that makes the black, gray and tan of your clothes have a good ally, it is the pink finish.

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