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Silver Jewelry for women

Silver Jewelry is the ideal accessory to wear daily. Easy to combine and that you will have a hard time storing in your jewelry box. Our 925 thousandths Silver Rings, Earrings, Pendants and Bracelets have an original and at the same time timeless design. You won't get tired of looking at them, or using them, or showing them off.

Silver Jewelry to wear every day

Victoria de la Calva's 925 thousandths Silver Jewelry is characterized by having an original, contemporary, but at the same time timeless design. You won't get tired of looking at them, using them or showing them off. They are the perfect complement to add to your daily look and do not need a special occasion, any moment is perfect, whether you are completely informal or if that day you have chosen to be more dressed up.

And if the day ends with an impromptu dinner and you put your hair up, our Creole Silver Earrings or with a Venetian chain, they will be the center of attention. The Silver Bangle Bracelets from the Laberinto Collection are perfect if you roll up your sleeves or wear French, short or strapless sleeves. With a black blazer they are spectacular. The Silver Rings They are an essential classic. All bedside tables should have a fixed space to place that silver ring that you put on without thinking and that you can combine with others. most striking and colorful rings.

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