Pendientes trepadores con piedras naturales - Victoria de la Calva

Climbing earrings with natural stones

Climbing earrings They are the latest trendia in earrings. Earrings that run through and decorate your earlobe and although they look like more than one earring, they require only one hole. The Victoria de la Calva Climbing Earrings from the Flow Collection are made of Vermeil Silver covered in gold with natural stones. Choose between Blue Topaz, Peridot and Rhodolite Garnets.

Climbing earrings from the Flow collection

The Flow Collection by Victoria de la Calva tIt transmits energy, color and movement thanks to the arrangement of its natural stones of different sizes, creating different drawings and motifs. The jewelry in this collection is characterized by its color and symmetry.

The climbing earrings in a single piece, they are made up of three octagonal-cut natural stones thatthat run through and decorate the earlobe. You can buy them individually and they look ideal whether you wear your hair up or down. The natural transparency of Peridot, with a lime green tone, Topaz, with a sky blue tone, Rhodolite Garnet, with a pink-purple tone, and Amethyst, with an intense purple tone, illuminate and highlight the color of your skin.

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