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Wide cuff bracelets with infinite combinations

 Wide Bangle Bracelets have been and continue to be one of the most outstanding pieces of jewelry. In ancient times they represented the economic power of those who used them and it was believed that the metals with which they were made were related to the stars. Our? Our Collection of Labyrinth Bracelet Bracelets, we do not know if they will influence the stars and their designs, but their combinations are infinite and if they represent any power, it will undoubtedly be yours. Inspired by the beautiful iron sculpture at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, our rigid cuff bracelets with an openwork labyrinth-shaped motif highlight your strength and personality.

Wide and rigid cuff bracelets

The Labyrinth Bracelet Collection, are wide, rigid and open Bangle Bracelets made of 925 thousandths Silver and  Vermeil silver covered with 18K gold Precision laser cut in one piece and finished by hand. You have two width models, one 6 cm, and another 3 cm. And in two finishes Silver Vermeil, yellow gold and rose gold.

Irresistibly Unique Cuff Bracelets

What makes them the center of attention? Its spectacular design with an openwork motif in the shape of a labyrinth is inspired by the beautiful iron sculpture at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is the largest museum of decorative arts and design in the world, housing a permanent collection of more than 4.5 million objects from many cultures and spanning 3,000 years of history. We are very proud to be inspired by one of your oexposed fibers.

Our Collection of Labyrinth Bracelets It is inspired by this sculpture and draws on your wrist a relief that is both openwork, with a design in a single sinuous line and made in a single piece.

If we have called this Labyrinth Collection, it is not because the sculpture seems that way, it is because, in addition, Victoria de la Calva is inspired by women; and our way of thinking, feeling, plotting and living could well be a beautiful, sinuous and intertwined crossroads.

Victory of the Calva, a Spanish designer with Colombian roots, is inspired by women, art and culture. Her pieces are characterized by being striking and original, by the use of volumes and suggestive lines; and natural stones of different sizes and cuts that provide colorr, luminosity and natural transparency to your jewelry.

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Victoria de la Calva cuff bracelets

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