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PUMPKIN STACKING RING, 12mm citrine quartz

PUMPKIN STACKING RING, 12mm citrine quartz

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18k Gold Vermeil ring , featuring a 12mm citrine quartz gemstone with a faceted sphere cut. The Pumpkin Collection has 24 colors of sphere cut natural gemstones in different sizes, to stack up to 4 rings. Create your most personal jewel ;)

Do you prefer a Pumpkin stacking ring set ready to go? Choose a pack of Pumpkin stacking rings!



925 thousandth silver covered with 3 microns of 18-carat yellow gold. Marbled Citrine in the shape of a large faceted sphere of 12 mm.


Full customization! We love to celebrate that we are all different, that's how the Pumpkin Collection was born, with 24 colors of natural stones carved in the shape of a sphere in different sizes, to be combined in necklaces, earrings and rings. Get to create your most personal jewel ;)

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