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PUMPKIN STACKING RING, 12mm tourmaline quartz

PUMPKIN STACKING RING, 12mm tourmaline quartz

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18k Gold Vermeil ring , featuring a 12mm tourmaline quartz gemstone with a faceted sphere cut. The Pumpkin Collection has 24 colors of sphere cut natural gemstones in different sizes, to stack up to 4 rings. Create your most personal jewel ;)

Do you prefer a Pumpkin stacking ring set ready to go? Choose a pack of Pumpkin stacking rings!



925 thousandth silver covered with 3 microns of 18-carat yellow gold. Tourmalinated quartz in the shape of a 12 mm sphere.


Full customization! We love to celebrate that we are all different, that's how the Pumpkin Collection was born, with 24 colors of natural stones carved in the shape of a sphere in different sizes, to be combined in necklaces, earrings and rings. Get to create your most personal jewel ;)

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